Here's some dirt

oN the artist...

Jessica Battista has spent the past twenty-something years whittling pencils down to stubs and burning through a countless number of erasers.  As it turns out, if a person spends almost every day of her life drawing, it is only a matter of time before she gets a keeper out of the bunch.  Battista chooses to create and share artwork that sheds a positive light on this world.  As an avid nature admirer, she studies non-human subjects and recreates her findings through naturalistic imagery as a form of tribute.  Inspired by the inner-workings of this world, Battista also takes her art a step further by reinventing her own whimsical interpretations.  When everyday life grows mundane, it is crucial to reconsider our concept of "ordinary."  Battista's illustrations are meant to serve as reminders of how truly remarkable life is, in all its forms.             

Education:  BFA degree in Illustration from the Hartford Art School.  

Favorite Color:  Fresh, deep yellow egg yolks.  

Any questions or job inquiries feel free to contact me. 

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